About TripCloud

TripCloud is a technology company that is committed to modernizing business travel and helping customers reduce their overall travel spend.

"We want to leverage data and automation to help you get the most from your company's travel program."


Automation and data are driving efficiency and transforming every aspect of your business. Yet, managing business travel and expenses remains largely a manual and antiquated process. Video conferencing has not replaced the need for travel and companies are relying on travel more than ever.

At TripCloud, our goal isn't to simply get your employees from A to B. We want to leverage our deep engineering backgrounds to put your travel data to work. We want use data to automate antiquated travel processes, identify cost savings and improve your overall travel experience.


There are two sides to managing business travel - the product and the back-office. The product is everything you see when you log into TripCloud. It needs to be modern, it needs to be fast and most importantly, it needs to be personal. Not everyone has access to a personal assistant to help with travel but wouldn't it be great if they did? Can we use technology to assist every employee as if they had their own personal assistant?

The back-office is invisible to most customers and yet, plays a crucial role in the overall experience. The back-office is responsible for support, fulfilling travel bookings, negotiating with suppliers and more. It is the backbone that drives the product and at most corporate travel agencies, it is also the reason why corporate travel is stuck in 1st gear.

With modern technologies at our disposal, we want to fundamentally rethink and automate these processes so you you can reduce costs and enjoy a much better corporate travel experience.

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