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TripCloud is everything you need to effectively manage travel for your company. Our mission is to empower companies of all sizes to maximize the value of their business travel.

The backstory

"Modern enterprise tools like Salesforce, Zenefits, G Suite, Slack, Trello and others have made it extremely simple to manage every unit of your business - sales, HR, communications, project management etc. Companies are spending more money on travel every year. Why isn't there any tool that makes it easy to manage travel at your company?" This was the hypthesis that led to the initial development of TripCloud.

Corporate travel is dominated by legacy players like Concur, Egencia, Amex GBT etc. that are either too bloated or expensive for small & mid-sized companies. They haven't kept up with the pace of innovation led by modern companies like Kayak, Airbnb, Hotel Tonight etc. It was clear that there was a need for a modern travel management solution that is better suited for the needs of small & mid-sized businesses.


TripCloud is a young company operating from San Francisco, USA and Bangalore, India. The company was founded by Nagarjun Palavalli and has received seed funding from Acceleprise accelerator and other investors.


  • 2015
  • We began building & validating our initial protoypes under the codename "Voyage"March
  • Accepted into the Acceleprise enterprise startup accelerator in San FranciscoJune
  • We're officialy incorporated in the United States as Forefront Travel Management Corp.July
  • After an exhaustive search, we pick the name 'TripCloud'July
  • Development of TripCloud alpha beginsSeptember
  • 2016
  • We finalize contracts with suppliers and other partners to begin development of TripCloud v1February - March
  • We raise another round of seed fundingMay
  • TripCloud v1 is launched to early customers and our first booking is madeJuly
  • Development of TripCloud v2 beginsOctober
  • Selected as a Launchpad startup at the Business Travel Show 2017 in LondonDecember

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